Toronto Digital Projects is a curated virtual platform for emerging artists working in the burgeoning field of digital art. As this new medium continues to expand and be embraced by artists, galleries, curators and collectors, the need for a showcase for Toronto’s under-represented digital artists has become apparent.

Projects appearing on this site are innovative both in concept and creative use of digital media, celebrating as well as critically examining the role of the digital technology within the art world and more broadly.

By presenting this new work via a virtual gallery, Toronto Digital Projects allows Toronto artists creating digital paintings, animations, videos, GIFs or other digitally-based art to present their work to an international audience, without incurring the expense entailed in physical presentation. The website also aims to educate the public, promote dialogue, and document the best work that is happening in this exciting new field, as revolutionary today as photography was when it emerged 150 years ago.

There is no fee to submit projects for consideration. A screening panel will select artists. Once a year a jury of national and Toronto-based curators, critics and senior artists will choose one of the featured projects as the Top Digital Project of the Year. The selected artist will have the opportunity to show at one of Toronto’s key commercial galleries.

Toronto Digital Projects is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and Angell Gallery.