Geoffrey Pugen

Geoffrey Pugen is a video artist working with performance, sculpture and hyper documentation. Pugen's practice explores relationships between the natural and the artificial. Pugen conceptualize and render situations that examine shared perceptions of how history, documentation, and simulation intersect. This approach elicits self-referential, uncanny worlds that de- and re- assemble ubiquitous narratives, foregrounding the dizzying power of the body’s utterances.

Pugen's work is at once a playful and disarming invitation to these worlds, where the human self becomes an appendage of collective simulation, and objects take on qualities of consciousness. Inspired by the interpretive communities of art, sport, theatre and the documentation thereof, he is interested in thinking critically about the perceptual and political conditions underlying the performance of shared meaning.

Thematically Pugen's work confronts technologically induced transformations of the body, the impact on nature/culture, and the relationship between the virtual and the paranormal. Pugen's work is mostly project and studio based and his aesthetic transforms through investigating, borrowing and occupying genre and cliché, exploring the myriad ways we communicate and interact with technologies. Using real objects, materials, subjects and lighting in combination with postproduction and the digital realm, he investigates how the digital lens creates historical, psychological and sociological transformations.


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