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Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries' DAKOTA, 2001

Electronic literature presented with text-based non-interactive animation composed in 20 different languages.

Great net artists based out of Seoul

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How Nicolas Sassoon is Making GIF Art Physical

Written by Paddy Johnson, Wednesday, July 16, 2014

“Why GIFs?,” Opening Times recently asked artist Nicolas Sassoon. Sassoon has been on a three-month virtual residency with the London-based digital media art nonprofit, and has spent the bulk of it working on massive GIFs that span the width of a browser and actually require scrolling. His latest work, Studio Visit, depicts a studio space complete

INTERVIEW: Gallerist Jamie Angell Champions the Digital Generation

One of Toronto’s most enduring contemporary art venues, Angell Gallery, has established a recurring theme, in recent years, championing the digital art world and its Post-Internet offshoot in both its roster and programming. Indeed, after leveraging two exhibitions in as many years on the subject, Angell has established himself at the fore of a traditionally elusive genre in the commercial realm. But obviously undaunted, director Jamie Angell followed his 2012 exhibition “Simulators

Savvy Simulators by David Jager

Angell’s current show features nine established and up-and-coming artists who work primarily in digital media. Occasionally termed post-internet art to underline the fact that we live in a digital age, the genre’s aims are as broad and diverse as the technology employed in its making. 

This is the era of the hyper-real, of copies that do not refer to an original, and no one expresses this better than Rafael Ochoa. Using software to simulate the textures of Old Masters, his two paintings

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