Mirada: Volumetric Display + Shamanic Performance

Maziar Ghaderi

Mirada: Volumetric Display + Shamanic Performance
A frame from the promotional trailer of the installation

Mirada* blurs the boundary between audience and performance through the implicit interaction of unseen technologies.

This immersive and interactive installation places four participants with a performative Shaman around a 3D projection of a graphical flame shown on a 360 degree display. The guiding Shaman and the participants are each given one of four wooden abstract instruments embedded with wireless sensors that control parameters of a soundscape environment and visual characteristics of the fire in real-time seemingly by magic.

Mirada allows participants to explore the creative potential of interactive technology through ludic performativity, while a storyteller offers narrative contextualization. Fire, one of humanity’s first technologies is chosen as a central visual feature given its tribal tradition in collaborative meaning-making and cultural exchange.

Watch t0

railer here.

*meaning gaze in Spanish

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