Rafael Ochoa

Rafael Ochoa’s digital paintings are made using a unique rendering process he has developed over several years. Focusing on select elements drawn from images of Old Master paintings that he finds online, Ochoa creates new works that infuse the beauty of historical art with a subtle postmodern flare.

Ochoa’s practice is decidedly contemporary—pulling references from multiple sources including art history books, found images on the internet and movie stills. Contrary to traditional modes of interpreting art, Ochoa’s unique imagery defies reason in exchange for paradoxical intrigue

Rafael Ochoa holds a BFA in Photography from OCADU and an MFA in Visual Arts from York University. Ochoa has been in several shows at Angell Gallery, and was part of the two-person exhibition Park Workers on Toronto Island. BlogTo recently named Ochoa one of Top 5 Toronto Artist To Watch in 2014.



Digitally Rendering Tradition - Rafael Ochoa's process

Rafael Ochoa was a photographer who fell hopelessly in love with the painted image. He, however, did not know how to paint. Un-fettered by this Rafael used his know-how and the digital tools he had at his disposal to create his images. These breathtaking pieces almost fool you into believing they are the works of a dutch master, and yet they calmy state their claim as something far more.

You can see the video of the entire painstaking process here.

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